17 Handmade & DIY Ideas for a Stylish and Impressive Wedding

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17 Handmade & DIY Ideas for a Stylish and Impressive Wedding

Incorporating handmade or even DIY (do-it-yourself) elements into your wedding gives every detail a personal touch.

1. Personalized Ring Holders (order on http://eleturtle.com/handmade-diy/wedding/)
Order a customized handmade wedding ring holder with engraved names and wedding date which secures your rings during the wedding ceremony and forever after! There are wooden and ceramic styles to choose from.

2. Color Dipped Cork Place Card Holders
Transform simple cork lids into affordable and vibrant place cards.

Get tutorial here >> http://www.thevaultfiles.com/2013/07/diy-file-col...

3. Vintage Wood Table Numbers
Perfect for a backyard or barn wedding, these wooden table numbers add a rustic element to your celebration.

Get tutorial here >> http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-vintage-wood-tab...

4. Colorful Yarn Backdrop (https://blog.hwtm.com)
Wrap colored yarn around two dowels for a bright table or photobooth backdrop.

5. Creative Wedding Guest Books (order on http://eleturtle.com/handmade-diy/wedding/)
An alternative twist on the traditional guest book!This wooden heart dropbox measures 60cm and contains 200 3cm hearts and a large centered heart with your names and wedding date engraved on the biggest heart piece.

Customized handmade wedding guest books with hollow-cut design the cover (order on http://eleturtle.com/handmade-diy/wedding/)

6. Silk and Lace Blossom Pin
This pin is incredibly pretty and can be worn anywhere. It would look so cute tucked in an updo or loose bun.

Get tutorial here >> http://www.weddingchicks.com/2012/08/03/diy-weddi...

7. Brooch Statement Necklace
Who knew DIY jewelry could be so chic? Make a statement necklace out of a collection of brooches and felt, then rock it with your gown

Get tutorial here >> http://ps-imadethis.tumblr.com/post/14974500926/n...

8. Photo Family Tree (https://mywedding.com)
An easy and meaningful way to decorate if you have access to a tree.

9. Hanging Sunflower Pomanders (http://afloral.com)
You can use fake flowers since a) sunflowers are convincing and b) they’ll be hanging from the ceiling so they’re less likely to be seen up close. All you need are fake sunflowers and styrofoam balls from the craft store.

10. Lavender Wrapped Candles (http://abitofbeesknees.blogspot.com)
As a bonus, your guests will be able to smell the lavender as the candle burns.


11. Polaroid Photo Booth (http://theprettyblog.com)
Hang up a simple frame, or use a salvaged frame for an impromptu photo booth.

12. Floral Aisle Decorations (http://fawnedofyou.hubpages.com/hub/beautiful-diy-wedding-decorations)
The biggest part of the wedding has to the actual wedding ceremony! Make sure you have beautiful aisle decorations to make the bride glow.

13. Handmade Flower Bouquet (order on http://eleturtle.com/handmade-diy/wedding/)
Who said silk flowers and real flowers are the only options?

14. DIY Candy Holders (order on http://eleturtle.com/handmade-diy/wedding/)
Crafty and outstanding candy holders that make your reception area special. You can use them to decorate your home after your big day.

15. Drink Station (http://fawnedofyou.hubpages.com/hub/beautiful-diy-wedding-decorations)
Example of a dramatic and vintage look, and old tin cans, jars, and knick-knacks found at thrift stores. Leave them as-is for a rustic feel or paint them in gold or bronze for a more modernized look. Place fake (or real flowers) inside these cans and jars to create a beautiful drink station. Visit your local Michael's or craft store to accessorize your drink station with woven baskets, and decorative stones and jewels.

16. Fun Photo Props (http://fawnedofyou.hubpages.com/hub/beautiful-diy-wedding-decorations)
A big trend within weddings now a days is photo booths and fun props. You can get crafty and create your own props or buy various props online. Choose props that match your wedding theme or the photo backgrounds. The most popular props tend to be mustaches, sunglasses, lips, hats, and more. *Tip: Grab some old photo frames from your local thrift store, paint them a unique color that matches your theme and add them into the photos for an even more unique photo op


17. Lighting (http://fawnedofyou.hubpages.com/hub/beautiful-diy-wedding-decorations)

Add some LED tea lights or Fairy Berries inside mason jars and hang them around your wedding reception area for romantic lighting. Hang the mason jars in rope or twine to create a classic, rustic feel.