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10 Sweet and Delicious Home Decor Ideas

Get inspired from these fun food-themed decor that doesn't belong to the kitchen.

1. These mouth-watering Donut Cushions!

This chocolate-glazed one looks yum!

Wait! Maybe I'll get this one with rainbow sprinkles!

Or this galaxy one?

Available in 14 styles. Shop link >>

2. Now comes this buttery Croissant Pillow! 

Shop link:

3. Pastries are always better when they comes with your favorite Starbucks coffee!

Shop link >>

4. Our next course is...Vintage Cheese!

Shop link >>

5. The sweets and cheese are a bit too heavy for your taste? How about this eco-friendly candle made with some real kiwi peel?

Shop link >>

6. After clearing our palate, we are now ready for some corn dog! This Handmade Corn Dog Magnet is perfect to show some food love on the fridge door or magnetic board.

Shop link >>

7. Anyone also thinks this Avocado Watercolor Painting has an explainable soothing effect to the eyes? 

Shop link >>

8. Turnip Art Print - an artistic gift for those who needs to be reminded to eat enough veggies!

Shop link >>

9. Steak-shaped USState Art Prints - with rivers and bodies of water creating the marbling. Perfect home decor for steak lovers! My mouth is watering just by looking at them!

California steak-shaped art print

New Jersey steak-shaped art print

Wisconsin steak-shaped art print

Rhode Island steak-shaped art print...perfect for those who like a more fatty steak :)

Shop link >>

10. And let's finish off with a kawaii and innocent Marshmallow!

Shop link >>

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